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About the game Space XY

Embark on a unique space adventure with the BGaming team. Space XY offers a fresh gaming experience: board a virtual rocket and soar to limitless heights! Observe your journey along the X and Y axes, place bets, and aim for the stars. Multiple bets mean higher rewards, but remember, exit before the rocket explodes to secure those stellar wins. Prepare for lift-off and embrace the infinite possibilities!

How to play

  • Round begins with a countdown timer until the rocket launches.
  • Players have the option to place single or multiple bets.
  • Player leaderboard updates in real-time as bets are placed.
  • After server validation, rocket animation starts, showcasing the win multiplier counter.
  • Players can cash out winnings during the flight, but must do so before the rocket explodes to secure wins.
  • Autoplay button: Access autoplay settings.
  • Bet amount/Auto cashout button: Opens popup to select bet amount and set automatic withdrawal.
  • Place bet button: Confirm your bet.
  • Plus button: Increase your bet.
  • Leader list checkbox: Toggle to view player/bet leaderboard.
  • History button: Access game history (version 2).


Tap the Autoplay button and choose your desired number of automatic runs from the popup. Your preset bets will be applied across the chosen rounds. The Autoplay feature remains accessible at all stages of the round. If not already set, activating autoplay will use all current round bets during its inactive phase. Autoplay initiates upon selecting the run count, with the Autoplay button displaying the countdown of remaining runs.

Space XY: game rules

In Space XY, players bet on how long an airplane will stay airborne. The longer its flight, the bigger the potential win. Players can cash out anytime, with winnings based on their bet times the ongoing multiplier. However, the airplane might suddenly speed up and exit the game arena at any unpredictable moment. If it exits before a player cashes out, they lose.

To play, input your bet before the round starts. Players can also set an automatic bet amount and cash-out point. The former auto-places the bet at each round’s start, while the latter cashes out when a specified multiplier is reached.


Space XY: features

Rocket fly

Place your bets and track your rocket’s journey on the chart. The X axis indicates flight duration, and the Y axis showcases potential win multipliers. Exit before the rocket vanishes to secure your winnings.


During each game round, players can place 1 or 2 bets. Bets can be made at the round’s start, during the rocket’s flight, or at its end. You can only bet for the current round during the countdown. If you haven’t placed a bet in the current round (either missed it or finished the previous game), you can bet during flight. Options to set the bet amount and auto cashout are accessible at these stages.

Bets and wins table

The table showcases columns for Player name, Multiplier, Bet/Win amount, and Currency icon. It populates as players bet during the game’s passive phase. In the active phase, the table displays players’ winnings.


A player earns winnings by cashing out before the rocket vanishes, either automatically (if set up) or manually. Once the round ends, total winnings appear in the multiplier section.

Strategy and tactics of the game Space XY

Here are some strategic gambling tips to boost your gains and play securely:

Low Odds Exit Strategy

This method considers that most rounds end between odds of 2.0 and 4.0. Here’s how it works:

  • Split your budget into equal medium or large portions.
  • Place a bet using one of these portions.
  • Cash out when the airplane hits the 2.0-2.5 mark.

This approach minimizes risk but yields smaller profits due to lower odds. To offset this, you could raise your bet, but it’s debatable. A higher bet could lead to bigger losses and might not substantially increase gains at low multipliers.

NOTE: This strategy doesn’t guarantee zero losses. Occasionally, the airplane might exit before reaching the 2.0 mark, but such instances are relatively infrequent.

Small multiplier at long distance

This strategy hinges on the observation that the aircraft surpasses an 8.0 multiplier about 15% of the time. Here’s the approach:

  • Split your funds into equal, small portions.
  • Bet using one of these portions.
  • Hold off on cashing out until reaching the 8.0 multiplier.

With this method, you’ll see many losses. But winning just 2 out of 8 times means profit. A win, even with a small bet, can be substantial due to high multipliers. However, winning just once in 8 rounds won’t yield a profit. Losing all 8 is rare but poses a risk, so remember this strategy isn’t foolproof.

big win in SPACE-XY

Space XY: How to earn money in the game

Treat Space XY as a fun experience, not a money-making scheme. While it can offer excitement and occasional wins, relying on it for income is ill-advised.

For a safer and more enjoyable play:

  • Don’t chase losses; it may lead to bigger setbacks.
  • Remain consistent with your strategy to minimize risks.
  • Avoid impulsive bet increases, even during a lucky streak.
  • Manage your playing time and budget without obsessing over the game.

Note: These guidelines apply to Space XY and all gambling games.

Demo version of Space XY

Every casino offering Space XY must allow free play through its demo mode. In this mode, real money is replaced by virtual credits, ensuring no financial risk or gain, just in-game currency.

The demo is ideal for:

  • Gambling beginners.
  • First-time players of this slot.
  • Those with a limited gaming budget.
  • Testing new gambling strategies.

To access the demo, locate Space XY in the casino’s game list, hover over it, and click “Demo” to initiate the trial game.

Note: The demo lasts until all credits are used. However, by winning, one can extend their play. While casinos must offer the free play feature, they can vary the starting virtual credits between 3,000 and 10,000. Most typically provide the maximum 10,000 credits without restrictions.


Space XY: settings menu

If you want to configure the game settings for yourself, you should open the settings menu.

  • Settings: Adjust sound preferences – overall volume, on/off toggle, and separate sliders for music and effects.
  • Rules: Provides game rules and an in-depth breakdown. Also, adjust:
    • Volume level or mute it.
    • Enable/disable music (via checkmark).
    • Toggle sound effects (via checkmark).
  • Currency icon: Shows the currency used for bets and winnings.


The game is based on a certified random number generator. For more information, visit

Video review for the game Space XY


How do I place my first bet in Space XY?

Only registered users can place real-money bets. Players must sign up at the casino, make a deposit, then choose their bet size and click “Bet” to join a round.

Is it possible to win the game?

The game randomly generates the maximum multiplier that the rocket will reach. The user in this limited period has a chance to take winnings.

When to bet in Space XY?

Players have the freedom to decide when to bet. They can skip rounds and return to the game whenever they choose.

Are there any bonuses for playing Space XY?

Online casinos give bonus credits to play Space XY, rewarding both new and frequent players with enticing offers.

Which game is better JetX or Space XY ?

The best game for you will depend on your personal preferences in terms of gameplay, graphics, storyline, and other factors. We would recommend checking out reviews, gameplay analytics, or even trying out both games to determine which one aligns more with your interests.

What is random number generator for casino games?

In the context of casino games, RNGs ensure that the outcome of games, such as the spin of a slot machine or the deal of cards in blackjack, is truly random and not manipulated. This guarantees fairness to players and ensures that the casino doesn’t have an undue advantage.

Written by

Mirco Savich gambling expert


Born in the heart of Serbia in 1984, Mirco Savich’s life story is a testament to dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of expertise. Serbia, with its rich history and vibrant culture, laid the foundational stone for Mirco’s early life. But it was during his academic years at a Serbian university that he discovered an enthusiasm that would come to define his professional journey – gambling. Mirco developed a particular fondness for crash games. Titles like JetX, Aviator, and JetX3 not only piqued his interest but became his specialization.

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