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About game

Aviator Crash is a fun online slot game where you can play and win money. It has cool graphics and simple controls. You can multiply your bet up to 100 times and earn big in a short time!

Main information about Aviator Game Offer:

  • Theme: Flying adventures
  • RTP: 97.3%
  • Bet Range: $0.10 to $100
  • Medium Risk
  • Launched: Feb 2019
  • Fun Extras: Chat, Races, Promos, Free Plays, Live Stats!

Aviator: game target

In the Aviator game, you’re a pilot aiming high. The higher you fly, the more you earn, based on a multiplying factor. To win, hit the cash-out button before the plane’s peak. If you time it right, your bet can double or even triple. But, if the plane stops before cashing out, you lose your bet. Just remember: don’t get too greedy and know when to stop!

How to play Aviator for real money

Playing Aviator is simpler than traditional games. You can bet between $0.10 to $100 each round, with two bets at most. Each bet is its own game; cash out one early and gamble with the other. You can win up to $10,000 in one round.

Buttons used in game:

  1. BET – Wait for the plane to start flying.
  2. WATCH – The plane will take off, and your winnings will rapidly grow.
  3. CASH OUT – Before the plane flies away to win X time from the stake.

Before you start playing, you can watch a demo video on how to play Aviator.

How to Play on a Mobile Phone?

To play Aviator game on your phone, just visit the casino website. It’s mobile-friendly, fits all screens, and works with top operating systems. Now, you can dive into the fun slot action anytime, anywhere!

aviator mobile

Aviator Demo Version

Test Aviator in demo mode first. It lets you learn the game and plan your bets without risking actual cash, boosting your winning odds later.

Aviator: Pros and Cons

  • Easy to play
  • Many casinos have it
  • Supported by many OS
  • High RTP (Return to Player)
  • No strategy allows you to win all the time
  • You can lose the whole deposit fast

Spribe Aviator Features

Aviator offers a social gaming experience with community features:

  1. In-Game Chat:
    • Always available, regardless of the device.
    • Web users: Chat window’s on the right.
    • Mobile users: Chat’s at the bottom.
    • Chat perks:
      • Message everyone.
      • Share your game moves.
      • Report any in-game issues.
  2. Autoplay & Auto-Cash Out:
    • Set multiple rounds and choose when to stake or cash out.
    • No need to manually hit cashout; it does it for you at a set multiplier.
  3. Live Gameplay:
    • Bet in real time.
    • Watch your potential earnings grow as the plane climbs.
    • Feel the thrill of deciding the perfect cashout moment.
  4. Past Multiplier Stats:
    • Check historical multipliers.
    • Helps in deciding when to cash out for bigger wins.

Aviator Game Algorithm

The player aims to watch the plane fly as long as they can. The plane lifts off and, due to a random system, goes higher until it’s out of view. When it’s gone, the round ends.

In the Aviator Game round, four participants decide the outcome: the operator and the first three players. The operator creates a random 16-symbol server seed, and its hashed version is available for anyone to see under “Provably Fair”. Each player has their own client seed. The game uses the first three players’ values to determine the round’s outcome.

how to win aviator


The developer claims a 97% payout. So, in 100 rounds of Aviator Spribe, sometimes the plane starts at a 0.00 multiplier, making no profit.

Game Tips and Tricks

To boost your Aviator game success:

  1. Try the demo to familiarize without risks.
  2. Balance risk with potential rewards.
  3. Don’t be overly greedy; smart bets matter.
  4. Ensure a stable internet connection. Enjoy this easy, fun game safely

Where is Game a hit?

Game in India:

Thanks to its fast-paced fun and potential big wins, Aviator is a favorite in India. Available at numerous online casinos, it appeals to both newbies and pros. Given its straightforward rules, it’s set to grow even more popular.

Game in Brazil:

Brazilian gamblers, known for enjoying high-risk games, are fans of Aviator. Its potential for huge payouts makes it a top choice. As it’s featured in many Brazilian online casinos, its appeal remains strong and rising.”


The Aviator Game is both straightforward and captivating. The ability to chat with fellow players while betting adds to its appeal. It’s a truly enjoyable experience.


Is Aviator Game legal?

The Aviator Game is completely legal, adhering to standards for both traditional online casinos and crypto casinos.

What is the objective of the Aviator Game?

In Aviator, aim to maximize earnings by betting and cashing in on multipliers during the plane’s ascent. Boost wins with bonuses, practice, and smart strategies.

What makes it different from other casino games?

Aviator Game stands out with its rapid gameplay, enabling swift bets and prompt rewards. By using available tactics and advice, players can amplify their wins. It’s a fresh casino game, bringing thrill, joy, and hefty winning chances.

Is there a limit to how much money you can win?

In Aviator Game, your winning potential is endless. Grab multipliers and rewards repeatedly, making every round an opportunity for a big win

What are some tips and tricks for winning?

To boost your winning odds in the game, utilize bonuses, practice regularly, and time your bets well. These strategies can elevate your potential for bigger rewards.

What are the lowest odds in the Aviator game?

The minimum odds often differ among casinos, but many provide 1:1 odds. Essentially, a dollar bet could earn you an additional dollar.

What is the maximum bet?

The top bet is 100 credits. You can bet based on your budget and taste, but starting with smaller amounts is advised until you’re familiar with the game’s nuances.

Can I deposit with cryptocurrency?

If a casino accepts cryptocurrency, then yes.

Is there a demo version of the Aviator Betting Game?

Indeed, you can try Aviator Bet online for free. It lets you practice and strategize without staking real money. But remember, features like live chat and leaderboards are exclusive to the paid version.

How do I try the Aviator for free?

To give it a whirl without cost, launch the game and choose ‘free mode’. Dive into the gambling excitement without monetary concerns, exploring various tactics in a risk-free setting.

Can I switch over to real money gambling with Aviator free mode?

Absolutely, transitioning to real money betting is an option. Just note, the experience can differ compared to the free mode, so some practice might be handy.

What is RTP ?

RTP stands for ‘Return to Player.’ In simple terms, it’s the percentage of money wagered on a game that is expected to be paid back to players over time. For example, an RTP of 95% means for every $100 bet, $95 is typically returned to players over a long period. But some players can win big and some can lose.

Written by

Mirco Savich gambling expert


Born in the heart of Serbia in 1984, Mirco Savich’s life story is a testament to dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of expertise. Serbia, with its rich history and vibrant culture, laid the foundational stone for Mirco’s early life. But it was during his academic years at a Serbian university that he discovered an enthusiasm that would come to define his professional journey – gambling. Mirco developed a particular fondness for crash games. Titles like JetX, Aviator, and JetX3 not only piqued his interest but became his specialization.

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