JetX3 immerses players in an exciting space adventure, combining traditional betting with intense flights in three starships at once. With a high RTP and dynamic odds, this game offers exciting odds to win. Participate in interactive chats, keep track of your stats and watch spaceships take off and explode in this unique game.


JetX3, a digital masterpiece from Smartsoft Gaming, showcases distinctive visuals where animated spacecraft dominate the display. As your ship soars and your multiplier rises, the backdrop is adorned with celestial stars and planets.

JetX3: short intro

  • Official game name: JetX3
  • Provider: Smartsoft Gaming
  • RTP (Return to Player): 97%
  • Min bet: 0,1
  • Maximum win : x2000
  • Release Date: 2021
  • Devices: IOS, Android
  • Max bet: 300
  • Track 3 objects instead of just one
  • JetX3 boasts an above-average RTP of 96.5%
  • While its high volatility adds an element of risk, there’s potential for significant wins for the lucky players
  • Both the visual aesthetics and the soundtrack of the game are exceptional
  • The maximum payoff is only 2000 times your stake, which is a little low for a game with such high volatility
  • High volatility
  • Can be slightly overwhelming at first

How to Play JetX3?

  • Once the game starts, pick and bet on a jet: Jet1, Jet2, or Jet3.
  • Each jet has its own betting limits and multipliers.
  • Choose your bet size based on the jet’s options.
  • For hands-free betting, activate autoplay.
  • Even if a jet explodes, you still have winning chances!

Betting in JetX3

  • Start with a bet as low as 0.1€ (or in your currency ) or go up to 300€ (or in your currency ).
  • Ship odds and costs fluctuate; high prices aren’t set in stone.
  • Cash out before a ship goes down if you wish.
  • Boost your winning odds by using the auto-collect buttons whenever you like.
how to win in JetX3

JetX3 Betting Tips

  • Spread your bets across all three ships for higher win potential.
  • Stay alert to shifting ship odds and prices for maximum gains.
  • Use the auto-collect buttons to cash out before any ship detonation.

What’s Your Winning Probability in JetX3?

In JetX3, the winning ratio stands at 1 in 3, translating to roughly a 33.33% chance if you stake on all three vessels. Bear in mind, individual ship odds and rates fluctuate during gameplay, so seizing these variations can be pivotal.

JetX3’s Gameplay and Special Features

JetX3 goes beyond the conventional with its mix of jackpots and a dynamic arcade experience, ensuring both entertainment and real cash wins. At its core, the game showcases three spaceships launching off a planet.

Distinctive aspects of the game include:

  • Multiplier and auto-collect functions.
  • Integrated chat and live chat capabilities.
  • The option to place wagers on specific fighter jets.
  • Compatibility with both online platforms and mobile devices.
  • A favorable RTP of 97%, where winnings are the product of multiplying your staked odds, allowing up to EUR900 winnings per spin.

With its sleek design and crisp graphics, JetX3 is a breeze to play. Initiate with your first bet, and even if you falter on the first try, two more opportunities await.

Embedded within JetX3 is a random number generator, with its user interface presenting betting history and relevant statistics.


What if I Lose Connection?

Should a player exit the game without placing a bet, they have the option to manually claim any winnings if they reconnect before the round finishes. If not, the game progresses until the bet either loses or hits the max profit ceiling. With ‘autocashout’ activated, any winnings are automatically added if the set multiplier is hit before the game’s conclusion. The victory sum will be reflected in your updated balance.

JetX3: video presentation


JetX3 from SmartSoft is not your average casino game, it stands apart from the famous JetX. The gameplay involves three starships launching into the sky, giving players a triple opportunity to snap up a score. Boasting a fixed RTP of 97%, just like the Aviator Crash Game, players can place one, two or even three bets per flight. Features such as auto-betting and auto-collection enhance the gameplay experience, and there is no limit to flight heights. Even if one or two ships die, the game won’t end if the third ship remains intact. JetX3’s combination of unique features and eye-catching graphics will appeal to active players and spectators alike.


Is Jet X available on mobile devices?

Yes, it is compatible with all current devices including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

What is the biggest win possible in JetX3?

The max possible win is 2,000x your stake.

Where can I play JetX3 for real money?

You can play jetx3 and jetx at any casino that has a recognised gaming licence

Written by

Mirco Savich gambling expert


Born in the heart of Serbia in 1984, Mirco Savich’s life story is a testament to dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of expertise. Serbia, with its rich history and vibrant culture, laid the foundational stone for Mirco’s early life. But it was during his academic years at a Serbian university that he discovered an enthusiasm that would come to define his professional journey – gambling. Mirco developed a particular fondness for crash games. Titles like JetX, Aviator, and JetX3 not only piqued his interest but became his specialization.

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